What is the Infinite Banking Concept?

The book that I use exclusively in teaching this strategy is entitled: The Infinite Banking Concept; Becoming Your Own Banker.

R. Nelson Nash is the author and defines his IBC strategy as:

IBC is Financial Wealth Building using a unique and exclusive system of discipline and control, based on Economic Principles and Insurance Contract Guarantees.


IBC is not an investment.

(Although it does allow one to invest in anything he or she wants to invest in).

IBC is not a product!

IBC is not a get rich quick scheme where one loses control of his or her money.


IBC is a process!

IBC is the same process that Commercial Banks use with the exception that we own the Bank!


It is a strategy that teaches us how to handle our money just as Commercial Banks handle their money,


The process of IBC looks like this:

  1. save our money in some type of a storehouse that we own and control
  2. access our money to pay for the things we need and want from that storehouse; by taking loans
  3. pay ourselves back with interest, just as we do when we borrow from Commercial Banks and pay them back
  4. and repeat as often as needed or desired, and until we retire


Paying oneself back with interest is the key to IBC.


IBC looks pretty simple and it is. But it takes a good measure of “Discipline” to be successful.

Most Americans do not have the Discipline required to practice IBC; therefore they are paying an estimated 34.5 cents of every dollar they earn in interest to some type of Financial Institution.

Paying excessive interest to others is the #1 reason why most people cannot create wealth in America.


Simply put: if we understand how “Banks” make money, (by loaning money and charging interest), then we surely should immolate what they are doing in our own personal economies!

The Infinite Banking Concept does just that.


Stay tuned for more teaching moments about how money works and how the IBC can help you create wealth for your family!