Infinite Banking

The infinite Banking Concept: Becoming your own Banker

R. Nelson Nash of Birmingham, Alabama is the author of a book entitled: “The Infinite Banking Concept,” Becoming Your Own Banker. Mr. Nash defines his strategy as:

“Financial Wealth Building through a Unique and Exclusive System of Discipline and Control, based on Economic Principles and Insurance Contract Guarantees.”

The Infinite Banking Concept; Becoming Your Own Banker is a process of wealth creation and money management. The Concept teaches you to handle your money the way commercial banks handle their money; i.e. by borrowing from your own “Private Reserve of Cash” and paying yourself back with interest!

The Infinite Banking Concept® is a time tested strategy that puts you in control of your own financial destiny. Using specially designed Permanent Life Insurance as the “Bank for holding cash,” this concept will allow you to create wealth and manage your finances with the flexibility and confidence not found in traditional investment vehicles.

At Bedwell Financial Services, we specialize in teaching families how to create and use “Family Banks” for buying the things they need and want. It is estimated that only one out of one thousand financial advisors truly understand this strategy. We have been teaching and using the Infinite Banking Concept since 2003 and only teach the principles that R. Nelson Nash, (the Author of The Infinite Banking Concept Book) uses.

“Family Banks” like the one Nelson Nash describes in his book have – safety of your cash, guaranteed growth, 100% liquidity, plus an ever increasing death benefit, all in a tax-free environment.

IBC works best by using specially engineered Permanent Life Insurance  as a place to store your cash. Using your policy as a “Bank,” you can:

  • Reduce and eliminate your debt to others…
  • Recoup interest (you have been paying to others) back into your own “Private Banking System”…
  • Create an ever increasing “Private Reserve of Cash” that you may access anytime…tax-free…
  • Fund an IRS approved Tax-free Retirement Plan…
  • Secure your Family’s Financial Future with confidence like no other investment vehicle can do…

How does it work?

Infinite Banking® offers unique benefits that can only be found in Permanent Life Insurance – one of the best kept secrets available to Americans today.

A Permanent Whole Life Insurance policy can serve as your own personal lending vehicle. In essence, a Permanent Life Insurance policy becomes your bank and you become the “Banker.” You set the terms and the limits on loans you take; and just like a bank, you earn interest. Whenever you need the cash, you borrow money from your own funds.

There are three reasons for taking loans from your “Bank”:

  1. To pay off debt to others
  2. To make a capital purchase – (anything that costs more than can be paid for out of a month’s income)
  3. To Invest

By adopting the Infinite Banking® Concept, you become your own “Banker,” and remove the need for a commercial bank.

For most people, the idea of eliminating the “middleman” is a foreign concept. At Bedwell Financial Services, we want to make this idea a reality for you and your family. Learn more about how IBC will change the way you save and invest your money and the benefits you will enjoy in your family’s financial future.

Download our free article that discusses in depth the unique benefits and guarantees found within Permanent Life Insurance through Infinite Banking®. For more information, complete our online Information Request form here.