My experience in dealing with Joe as a mentor and teacher of the Infinite Banking Concept has been excellent. Joe really has the heart of a teacher and does a great job of explaining and breaking down the system in a way that helps the customer get a full grasp and understanding of how to use the system to get a maximum return on the policy. As a small business owner, the "bank" will be THE best tool I have to grow my business, take advantage of opportunities that arise, and build wealth for my family and future generations.

Jordan and Brooke Perkins
Owner-Quality Fence Company
Jackson, TN

Joe Bedwell is one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the country in the area of infinite banking. He understands absolutely every detail about infinite banking and does an excellent job in explaining the infinite banking concept.

Terry Cook
Regional Manager, MTL Insurance Company
Charlotte, NC

The conservative strategy of Infinite Banking has allowed my family to repay debt by repaying ourselves and start saving early towards retirement while never worrying about the ups and downs of the volatile stock market.  We are thankful that Joe took the time to explain the concept of Infinite Banking to my family and he even made sure all of our questions were answered before opening our first bank. Going with Bedwell Financial Services three years ago was the best decision my young family has made!

Drew McCullough, CPA
Spring Hill, Tennessee

I met Joe several years ago and he introduced me to the Infinite Banking Concept system. It was the best thing I ever did. Implementing the IBC system and using it as Joe has taught, has helped me to grow my business. I used my bank for equipment purchases and didn't have to use the commercial banks.

Having my own banking system gives me the best feeling; especially when I get the interest instead of them. Joe is a great educator and advisor of the Infinite Banking system. Everyone who comes in contact with Joe should ask him  how to start a private banking system.

Nathan Evans
Owner, Sandstone Properties LLC
Franklin, Tennessee

My wife and I have been clients of Joe Bedwell for six years.

Joe is an excellent teacher and has taught us the advantages of using a “specially designed” Whole Life insurance policy as a safe, tax-advantaged place to accumulate cash.

We are very pleased with the amount of cash we have accumulated and that we have 100% access to our cash anytime tax-free.

We encourage you to consider “The Infinite Banking Concept” as a wealth creation strategy and contact Joe to assist you in your education and implementation.

Dr. M. Bethi & Dr. V. Bethi
Clarksville, TN

Joe has committed himself to educating people on the Infinite Banking concept... because he is a caring person and knows whoever utilizes it will change their future to one of guaranteed growth of funds, and in a tax favored environment. Joe is an awesome teacher, patient and dedicated to your understanding and progress. He is without a doubt in my top tier of mentors and educators.

Colette L. Koester
CEO, Asset Advance Financial LLC
Charlotte, NC

My wife and I have been depending on Joe Bedwell as our financial advisor for about 15 years. We also became Infinite Banking clients several years ago. Through this system, we have paid off over half a million dollars in investment property mortgages and hve funded several loans for equipment and other needs to the corporation that we own. Best of all, we are now happily repaying the Bank of Kerry and Lisa Couch and today, we enjoy the freedom of not having to borrow any money from any traditional banks.

Kerry Couch
President, Nashville Computer, Inc.
Nashville, Tennessee