Annuities….Today’s annuities may help you live your retirement the way you want.

An annuity is a financial vehicle that is designed to help you prepare for retirement.  Simply put, an annuity is a contract between you and an insurance company:  you pay the insurance company premium or purchase payments, and in exchange you get benefits only an annuity can provide.

Why consider an annuity?

Annuities are the original retirement plan.  When you hear the work annuity think retirement.  Annuities can be a valuable addition to your overall retirement strategy because they offer tax-deferred growth while you’re saving for retirement, and dependable income after you retire – in some cases, for as long as you live.

The annuities offered by Bedwell Financial Services, Inc. provide principal protection and some can be customized to provide inflation protection, lifetime income, an enhanced death benefit, and other built-in options.  Plus, annuities are excellent vehicles for transferring wealth to your beneficiaries.

Because there are several types of annuities offered today, it is important that you meet with an independent financial advisor, such as Joe Bedwell, who can help you determine if an annuity is suitable for you.

Click here to contact Joe Bedwell in Columbia, TN to learn more about the various types of annuities and how they may benefit your future retirement planning.

Which annuity may meet your needs?

Because no two people have the same needs or goals, Bedwell Financial Services, Inc. offers several types of annuities.  Contact Joe Bedwell for an evaluation to decide which annuity may make sense for your individual situation. 

·         Fixed Annuities provide steady, or “fixed”, interest for a specified period of time.

·         Fixed Index Annuities offer stock market type gains without stock market type losses. Funds are never exposed to risk.  Because your money is never at risk you cannot lose your principal and interest.

·         Variable Annuities-due to the nature of this type of annuity and the fact that you can lose money, Bedwell Financial Services, Inc. does not offer variable annuities.

At Bedwell Financial Services, Inc. we do not recommend any products that contain risk and possibilities of loss in your retirement funds.